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Red Bull Free Gaff

Red Bull Free Gaff set out to achieve the impossible and create one of Ireland’s most innovative live music events.

Anachronica Electric Picnic

Anachronica has become a staple at Electric Picnic. The iconic “Rave in the Woods” has reached capacity every night since its introduction.

Bar Solutions

Create a VIP area at Slane Castle for the sold out Metallica Concert that felt like a special experience for the 600 attendees.

Smirnoff – Life Festival

Design a customised bar using their brand guidelines and feature some key elements. The Bar was required to be highly visible and functional.


Ten Feet Tall are involved in the Event Production & Project Management of the event.

Red Bull Woodlands Stage

We designed and produced the Red Bull Woodlands Stage which featured the best of both Irish & International acts with a bar, seating and dressing.

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